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A home to your liking

With their thoughtful layout, generous design and high-quality surface materials, the apartments in Pekárenský dvůr will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Enjoy a stylish home that thinks of your maximum comfort.

Modern living full of light

All the apartments are designed to get as much light into the interior as possible. The design of the large aluminium windows and window portals refers to the industrial history of the site, giving the interiors a timeless look.

Premium residential standard for all

In a cultivated environment, life gains a new quality. We therefore place great emphasis on the use of premium, durable and timeless materials. We will naturally be happy to meet your individual requirements for modifications before the construction is completed. Details of the client change options can be found in the detailed technical description.

Detailed technical description of the house and residential units

Apartment standard

Modern sunlit apartments with a thoughtful layout respond to the latest housing trends. Pekárenský dvůr offers maximum comfort to its residents. We carefully select first-class materials and we are happy to meet your individual requirements for modifications before the completion of the construction.


Residential unit

Floors in residential rooms
fully glued multi-layer wooden floor, bleached oak, tree pattern
Intermediate walls
ceramic AKU blocks, or ferroconcrete walls
Interior partitions
plasterboard partitions
Wall and ceiling surfaces
gypsum plaster/plasterboard ceilings, white painting
Apartment entrance door
safety class III, fire-resistant, solid, smooth with peephole, colour according to NCS, handle/ball, small handle, height 2.1 m
Apartment interior doors
non-rebated panelled doors, smooth solid, handle/handle, toilet handle, solid
aluminium hole fillers from profiles of industrial character, painting finish, bronze tone, preparation for exterior window blinds
external sills - painted sheet thickness 0.7 mm, bronze shade according to the window colour, internal sills - made of lightweight chipboard with CPL foil, white
Media measurement
remote reading with data collecting and access to updated state
Electrical installations
Heavy-current disstribution
standard wiring. Can be exchanged for smart wiring in the case of a client request. Sockets and outlets for lights in the range as required by ČSN.
Electrical sockets and lighting control
SCHNEIDER Electric/ABB, white/white
free outlets with socket and bulb for mounting lighting bodies in sufficient number according to light engineering calculation
Weak current distribution
a fibre optic cable is brought to the apartments to install a switch for a possible WIFI-router. A TV socket and preparation for structured cabling are installed in the living room. The hallway contains a home telephone. If required, a metallic cable can be brought into the apartment.
Bathrooms and toilets
ceramic tiles of 60x60 cm format, in combination with white ceramic strips, according to the architect's choice
Floor tiles
ceramic tiles in the format 60x60 cm, according to the architect's choice
Ceilings and their finish
plasterboard ceiling and painting
free outlets terminated with socket and bulb
Basins and small basins
Villeroy & Boch standard
Hansgrohe Vernis Blend, basin – arched mixer, small basin – stand mixer, chrome-plated
acrylic bathtubs, 170x70 cm
Mixers and accessories
wall-mounted, Hansgrohe, Vernis Blend, chrome-plated with hand shower
Shower cubicles
low tub 120x80 cm made of cast marble, glass walk-in screen, standard Hüppe brand, silver semi-gloss screen fittings
Mixers and accessories
concealed shower mixer, hand shower, head shower, Hansgrohe brand, Vernis Blend type
Wall-hang toilet
Villeroy & Boch standard
Toilet seat
seat with lid, soft close
Toilet cistern
concealed toilet cistern with dual push button for economical operation and engraved logo
by plate valve (ceiling)
Heating bodies
heating ladder, white
Terrace nad balconies
Terrace and balcony floor
ceramic tiles (on targets/glued), 60x60 cm format
Balcony doors
aluminium hole fillers from profiles of industrial character, painting finish, bronze tone
steel railing, handle and vertical filling formed by bandings and jäckles, painting finish, bronze tone
unified outdoor lightings
Kitchen corner
electrical outlets for electric cooker, dishwasher, fridge and cooker hood. Drainage ducts led out and terminated on the face of the brickwork for client connection. Preparation of hole for extractor hood connection.
Cellar cubicles
concrete floor with final coating, sheet metal opaque wall system, for example Gerhard - Brown

Common spaces

Entrance door to the building
glazed aluminium, with security fittings and insulating security double glazing, painting finish, bronze tone
Floors of common corridors and staircases
ceramic tiles, 60x60 cm
Wall surfaces of common corridors and staircases
gypsum plaster, coloured paint
Staircase railings
steel railing, handle and vertical filling formed by bandings and jäckles, painting finish, bronze tone
Interior doors of common spaces
doors with CPL foil finish with graphics of the floors marking, fire-resistant, smooth solid
combination of mounted luminaires (white) and LED strips
Home phone, doorbells
electronic doorman with a home phone, or apartments can be equipped with a videophone, for example 2N brand
Security systems
security entrance doors, electronic entrance control, indoor and outdoor cameras at the entrance
Room for municipal waste
in the inner courtyard, incl. containers for sorted waste
Pram storage room
in the basement, in the secured room for bicycles and prams
Other common rooms
lobby, lounge for residents, fitness, wellness, relaxing zone, cooling room for groceries, other rooms to rent
2 underground garage floors
Access pavement and access roads
concrete paving
Access pavement and access roads Outdoor landscaping
combination of intensive and extensive greenery, paved driveable and walkable areas, solitary greenery, workout playground, grill points
Private car wash
in the basement, entry olny for residents, eventually one time use
Cellar cubicles
steel wired system of cellar cubicles

Construction part

Number of floors
7 - 9 floors above ground, 2 underground floors
drilled piles in combination with milanese walls
Construction system
combination of ferroconcrete pillar-wall system with brick-wall system
Vertical structures
combination of ferroconcrete and brick walls
Horizontal structures
ferroconcrete monolithic slab
waterproofing foils. Ceramic tiles on targets or glued, in combination with extensive or intensive green roofs
brick lining strips, metallic plastering and folded aluminium strips, on facades towards neighbours silicone plaster
ferroconcrete with prefabricated arms and monolithic intermediate platforms with ceramic tile surface treatment
floors in living rooms - wooden floors, fully glued, in bathrooms and toilets - ceramic tiles, floors of common corridors and staircases - ceramic tiles, cellars and garages - concrete floor with final coating, fitness and lobby – molded squeegee
white tank
Heat insulation
mineral wool on walls, roofing polystyrene on roofs
Ironmongery elements
steel construction, painting finish
Plumbing elements
painted sheet
Water supply
municipal water supply
Heating and hot service water preparation
hot water pipeline, secondary transmission stations in the basement

Client changes

Normal standard design

As part of the normal design of the standard equipment, each client can choose from a specified offer of tiles, floor tiles, floor coverings and interior doors from our partners by a stipulated deadline. If the client does not select the material and sign its specification by a stipulated deadline, the selection will be made by DOMOPLAN.

Premium above-standard design

Within the premium design, the client can choose from a wide range of above-standard domestic and foreign tiles, floor tiles, sanitary fixtures, floor coverings and interior apartment doors from our partners. For the premium design selected, the client will be charged a premium corresponding to the difference in the material price and cost of completion, including expedition and the flat-rate costs of negotiating the client change. In the case of more complex execution of tiling and laying floor coverings or changes in the fitting of sanitary items, an extra fee may be charged in some cases for the extra workload of the fitting and other work required.

DOMOPLAN also offers individual customization at the client's request. These may be minor individual changes, such as partial changes to partitions, changes in electricity distribution, location of switches, sockets, central heating bodies, the joining of two residential units in one large spacious, possibly even two-storey apartment. However, these changes need to be technically assessed first, then designed, and then a price calculation is made.

Any type of client change can only be made up to a certain stage of construction; therefore, they are limited by pre-determined dates. For this reason, clients are advised to negotiate changes as soon as possible. For each project, the dates for reporting client changes vary and are definitively determined always during the construction. However, as a general rule:

  1. client changes involving electrical installation in monolithic reinforced concrete structures must be reported no later than 45 days before the start of the concreting of the ceiling above the first above-ground floor;

  2. client changes involving layout must be reported no later than 45 days before the realization of masonry structures begins;

  3. client changes involving surfaces must be reported no later than 60 days before the start of tiling.

A price calculation will be made once you have presented your idea of the form of the client change and paid the client change negotiation fee. The price for making a client change is always set on an individual basis, depending on the recommended retail prices of the goods from our contractors and the prices of other related items. After receiving the price calculation, you will be able to decide whether you want to make the client change. The change is negotiated in the form of an amendment to the Contract on a future contract for the transfer of the ownership of the unit.

The client change is made only after its full price pursuant to the amendment has been paid.

DOMOPLAN reserves the right to refuse any change.

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Technical description

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Sustainability and economy in accordance with BREEAM certification

The Pekárenský dvůr project meets the challenging environmental BREEAM standards for the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings. We will apply for BREEAM certification in accordance with its methodology after the final inspection.


Balconies and terraces facing the quiet courtyard

Enjoy the apartment's natural connection to the exterior. Spacious balconies, terraces and front gardens face the courtyard, offering a soothing view of the greenery.

We offer the possibility of customized interior furnishing from an interior designer

Get your interior tuned by professional designers. We offer the possibility of consultation and help with furnishing the apartment in the scope of your choice - from furniture to the smallest accessories, such as vases or cushions. The advantage of working with a designer is the lower cost of the selected pieces.

nový projekt v komplexu Pekárenský Dvůr