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Tvořte s námi životní styl Pekárenského dvora! Podívejte se na nabídku komerčních prostor.

Living in a vibrant courtyard full of greenery. A short walk from the centre of Brno. With a club character and a wide range of services exclusively for residents. Pekárenský dvůr is a lifestyle. Yours.

239 residential units

2 683 square metres of semi-private park

wide range of services for residents

close proximity to the city centre

Your everyday comfort

Living with the services of a five-star hotel

We are bringing to the Czech Republic a successful concept of club living with a rich offer of services for residents that will transform your ordinary day into an extraordinary experience.

Your world in the centre of Brno

Excellent facilities with the whole city within reach

Whether you're heading for work, shopping, or entertainment, they're around the corner from Pekárenský dvůr. Moreover, a vibrant neighbourhood community will convince you that you don't really need to go anywhere for a pleasant time.

Your comfortable home

Attractive architecture and high residential standard

In Pekárenský dvůr you will find apartments with a wide range of layouts. Their common feature is a solution thought out in every detail and a high quality of execution.

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Current story

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